Bear infested forest defense war mobile game source code

The game includes a store system, a check-in system, a checkpoint system, a payment system (and game payment),

1. There is a field track in the project, but it is not used.

2. Haunt with real bears

Game module features:

1. The bullet trajectory is not added to the path of the game in the project (sc ript / Game / Bullet / the following script can be detached from the project) The bullet has a trajectory preset: refer to Bullet0005 to design

2. Sound playback controller (using NGUI to play, cannot pause after playing)

3. The game scene consists of each panel, a panel is a core

4. GameManager is the data storage layer

5. GameController is the overall control of game levels

6. SoundController sound control

7. PoolManager object pool management

The plugin uses:

NGUI version 3.6

PoolManager 5.xx version

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