Dark Blade Complete Game Project

1) personal arena with return and door is located in the armory
2) Dropp-able npcs, located in the barrel beside the door to the personal arena, use in the arena for HILARITY!

3) crates in storage hallway are now all items crates

4) personal armory, has all weapons, staffs and armors, etc crates

5) dark blades prison (key is not in yet)

6) ghost dog gauntlets (dog is 0 aggression and essential so it cannot die)

7) full set of imperial watch armor

8) new teleportation hall in basement and interconnecting hallways to prison

9) re-tuned all areas of the basement and re-fined and touched up, check out the walkthrough skull tapestry to the prison, guardians have better shader effects

10) PERSONAL house now in cyrodill, across the water from the imperial waterfront with private boardwalk in the water

11) portals to the painted world, todd’s test area, graggtown, tonys test cell, top of white-gold tower and test halls all WITH RETURN

12) 2 flame swapped daggers, unholy flame and dark blades hellsbane (i forgot to set the charge on them but theyre in)

13) re-touched up lighting, personal study and training areas

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