Flying Panda : Game For Android With AdMob

About this game…

The panda likes jumping and air stunts. You must prevent panda from falling down and help panda by putting any bamboo bar at screen bottom. Please try to stand pretty panda never falling in front of world!!!

The item is packed with AdMob template. You can exchange the AdMob Publish ID and make money only for you…

There is also an iOS version of this app at CodeCanyon:

Please check out the demo.

Some Descriptions

  • This item is java project.
  • This item includes one game apk file.
  • This item includes one PSD file used making the resources of this game.
  • All the Image files and Sound files that included, you can use them in your other projects.
  • Sorry, not perfect coding. this is simple game.


  • Supports Android 2.1 onwards
  • Enable AdMob instantly
  • Uses cocos2d
  • Game sounds
  • Unlimited Levels


  • added AdMob template(08/17/13)
  • fixed top score scene’s bug(08/13/13)
  • added AdMob Interstitial ads at GameOver(03/22/14)
  • for AdMob, used Google Play Services SDK instead of Google Mobile Ads SDK
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