Jungle Trap 3D


Once you start the Jungle trap game, your character starts running automatically running and Joystick Jumps and fire Controller.

Touch the spring button on the left bottom hand side of your screen to make the frog jump ledges or double Jumps the Press Hold the Spring button.

Touch on the right bottom hand side button of fire to shoot at the bots standing in your different way instantiate and all Kill Them enemies. The control scheme is simple, placing the emphasis on jumping, pointing, and shooting.You can move fluidly across maps, gunning down foes without hindrance.

30 FPS Speed Boost-up and Power Ups Bonuses Your hero is a giant make be better Performance rather then.

It has a massive range arenas, levels, weapons and power ups Get ready for some mind-boggling explosive action.

This game is a unique Idea shooting game for all and grownups, where you use lightning-fast jumping, attacking,fighting and shooting skills to destroy a wide range of wacky robots in an endless amount of weird and wonderful ways.


***This game Super-stylish 3D Jumping and Shooting game
**Jungle trap 3d retro-style action game will really test your dexterity and quick reflexes
***Fast Shooting, run, and jump in this new exciting runner through challenging levels as you play free android game.
***Everything is simple to pick up and play easy used the Missions.
***Best for ever Better game physics Engine Unity 3d.
***Gorgeous Graphic and Awesome GUI Working this game
***High Quality Sound effects and Fx


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