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 Kids Jigsaw Puzzle Game with AdMob - CodeCanyon Item for Sale

Fun Puzzle Game for Kids

Kids Jigsaw Puzzle Game is an Android game application. This code project lets you to create different puzzle games with any number of slides. You can create jigsaw puzzles like alphabet puzzles, animal puzzles, fruit puzzles, number puzzles and more.
The game is packed with different settings for customization. Jigsaw puzzle games are highly popular in the Google Play Store and drive lots of downloads.
You can add your own sounds for each slide to make it more interactive. For e.g. if the puzzle shows a picture of strawberry you can add a voice over saying strawberry. If it is a lion you can add some roaring sounds. This feature is very easy useful for kids to learn alphabets, numbers and words.
The app is well tested to work on both phone and tablet.
The application comes with ready made AdMob code to start making money right away. You just need to enter your Publisher ID.


  • Unlimited number of slides
  • Slide specific sounds
  • Show/Hide Grid
  • Game sounds
  • Easy grab for puzzle pieces
  • Phone and Tablet compatible
  • Supports Android 2.1 onwards
  • Instant AdMob ads
  • Very good support
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