Race Course Pack

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rb8psTcc9WM&list=UUVXx02jxfk2LYTQ9DJgoOog

The sports car is built to the standards you would see in any next gen racing title. Equipped with decals, weathering materials, and a laundry list of standard car paint shader parameters able to be tweaked at any moment. As well, its fully rigged and ready to race!

The world comes fitted with all the necessary components for a track you would see just about any modern course and a lot of fun filler props to make the scenery that much more believable.

The pack comes with 1 completed track built utilizing the smooth UE4 landscape and full utilization of the powerful spline system. Which makes designing that perfect level just that much easier.

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Technical Details

Asset List:
– 1 rigged sports car (full LODs)
– Advanced car paint shader with multiple examples
– Modular track components:
– Track with decals
– Multiple railing styles
– Tire walls
– Broadcasting props
– Bleachers
– Loads of props to help fill the world
– Foliage, Terrain textures and background mountains

Demo Scene:
– Desert style environment pack
– Completed track scene
– High end world machine terrain
– 4 terrain textures

– Vehicle: 30,000(4 LODs decreasing Polycount by 50% each LOD)
– Foliage: 3,000
– Props: 50 – 15,000

Texture Size:
– Vehicle: 512×512, 2048×2048
– Foliage: 2048×2048
– Props: 128×128, 2048×2048
– Terrain: 2048×2048
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