Minecraft Runner


The player has to run through an athletic track and avoid, jump over or slide under obstacles. The runner dies when they hit an obstacle and they can be revived by clicking on an “Save” to continue.

This is a complete game, with 16 more stronger and more powerful characters that can be unlocked by buying using coins earned.

The game is made purely by unity 3D and can easily be re-skined and customized to whichever idea you have.

All the code is written C#.

  • Swipe Left/Right to switch lanes.
  • Jump and rool to dodge obstacles.
  • Collect coins with magnet.
  • Perform assignments and receive coins awards.
  • Fly on the track with jet-pack or plane and collect coins in the sky.

Platforms: PC, Android, IOS, Web

This has a huge potential with proper marketing.


  • Admob 
  • Google Play Services
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