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In this car racing game, you can drive a car and you also get more thrillers and you can drift and feel the race on sport car. All you have to do is take control and drive real super-cars on some of the fastest race tracks around. Race will be in high speed and you should got 1postion to clear a level and knockout the others.

How to play: Select you desire car and choose a track and click on play button , control a car to trilled you mobile , you can also select a controller for left or right ,Use nose to tap on button to enhanced your car speed. Play and enjoy the game.

Select a car to drive, Choose a track to drive on, You can use a nitro to boost you speed, Enhanced you skills.

Objectives: Wins a race to get a more cars.


Achievements on complete and get awarded.


3D Game and amazing graphics.
Skills can be enhanced by playing with the passage of time.
Ready to play no need to highly graphic phone.
Install and enjoy.

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