Gallery module with AdMob/Analytics


Gallery module with AdMob/Analytics - 1

This Android Gallery module is created to save time for integration of gallery feature of your application. All you have to do is to start Android activity and pass some data. In the ZIP file that you purchase you have a sample application, with all data and instructions provided.

Gallery module with AdMob/Analytics - 2


  • Including 3 UI modes
  • Multiple categories
  • Category thumbnail preview (list or grid preview)
  • Thumbnail preview designed to work with list or grid (you choose)
  • Full screen image preview with pinch-to-zoom option
  • Online/offline gallery (you just have to provide path)
  • Image title and description fields
  • Share image
  • Download image (if image is online)
  • Set image as wallpaper
  • PhotoPager slider for gallery (Depth page transformer)
  • AdMob integrated
  • Interstitial Ads integrated
  • Google Analytics
  • Splash screen
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