TIMMORI HEROES The story of the mysterious world is about Timmori Heroes squad monsters funny and fun to find the refrigerator full of food stolen by the notorious thief Megan Timmori Heroes team consists of Reborn intelligent and agile captain, the guy behind Morgan, Damon the book guy and finally the rich imagination to rest as a legend is Boozled. Team Timmori Heroes has entered the base of Megan to find his refrigerator and was encountered many dangers and difficulties because thief Megan smart and cleverly put the camouflage trap. Ask for subtlety and wisdom to pass and bring the refrigerator back TIMMORI HEROES is a game that combines adventure and wisdom in puzzle solving. Help Timmori Heroes regain the refrigerator by manipulating skill and subtle


▶ Use the swivel sensor to control the character fast or slow and to stand

▶ Touch the screen to jump

▶ Jump on transparent mushrooms to fly farther

▶ Turn the wheel to open the gate and turn off the trap

▶ Dodge the cocoons as it will transform into a monster that protects the refrigerator ▶ The game has 3 maps: Heroes Season 1, Heroes Season 2, Heroes Season 3

▶ Each map has 24 levels

▶ 4 characters including: Reborn, Morgan, Damon, Boozled will update the costume

▶ Rich color maps

▶ A game that combines adventure and wisdom in puzzle solving

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